Evaluation of Healthy Texas Babies

Healthy Texas Babies is a multi-year project sponsored by the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to reduce the number of early births and infant deaths. DSHS funds coalitions across Texas to build or enhance local partnerships and conduct maternal and infant health activities supported by existing evidence. Each coalition prioritizes their local need based on DSHS’ birth and death records, then selects strategies related to 1) maternal health/prematurity, 2) maternal care, 3) newborn care, or 4) infant health.

The Center for Community Health Development (CCHD) is evaluating the maternal and infant health strategies and the Healthy Texas Babies coalitions across the State. This evaluation will measure both coalition characteristics and the impact of funded maternal and infant health activities. CCHD will also work with each coalition through training and technical assistance to help assess the successes and areas for improvement in their work, so they can make adjustments throughout the project cycle. At the end of the project, CCHD will compare coalitions and the outcomes of their activities to identify patterns associated with successful coalitions and maternal and infant health initiatives.

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