American Public Health Association Abstracts Submitted

Every year CCHD faculty, staff and students submit abstracts for possible selection as an oral or poster presentation at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting. This year, our faculty, staff and students have submitted ten abstracts for the annual meeting in Chicago from October 31st – November 4th. Authors and titles of submitted abstracts are below:

  • A collaborative, community-based model for addressing environmental and policy determinants of obesity in South Texas. Katharine Nimmons, Marcia Ory, Ann Millard, Marlynn L. May, Monica Campos-Bowers, Olga Gabriel, Carol Rice, Jenna Anding, Alice Kirk, Michael Lopez, Jamie Rae Walker, Catherine Cubbin, & Andrea Valdez.
  • An Access to Care Model Illustrating Individual and Community-Level Predictors between Urban and Rural Populations. Whitney Garney, Ken McLeroy & Jim Burdine.
  • Assessment of patient satisfaction of telehealth services to underserved communities in rural Texas. U. Ghumman, Whitney Garney, Carly McCord, Alejandra Sequeira, Jeremy Saenz, Jessica Chang & Tim Elliott.
  • Comparison of risk and well-being scores among minorities and Caucasians utilizing telepsychology services. William Bell, Alejandra Sequeira, O. Osofundiya, Jessica Chang, Carly McCord & Tim Elliott.
  • Developing a stackable CHW certification curriculum with an emphasis on mental health as part of an integrated care model. Katharine Nimmons, Eron Manusov, John Ronnau, Nick Nevers, Francisco Fernandez, Deepu George, Paula Saldana, & Dinorah Martinez.
  • Physical Activity in Exergames over Time. Whitney Garney & Ken McLeroy.
  • Social Support Promoted through Physical Activity Networks. Whitney Garney, Ken McLeroy & Audrey Young.
  • Soliciting and incorporating CHW/promotora feedback: Lessons learned from a cancer education program in South Texas. Katharine Nimmons, Julie St. John, Christopher E. Beaudoin, Paula Saldana, & Dinorah Martinez.
  • Utilization rates of telehealth counseling services by minorities. Jeremy Saenz, William Bell, Jessica Chang, Angie Alaniz, Whitney Garney, Carly McCord & Tim Elliott.
  • What we leave behind: Factors influencing community institutionalization of public health projects. Angela Alaniz, Ken McLeroy, & Whitney Garney.
  • Why do people engage in exergames? Whitney Garney & Audrey Young.