Changes abound

The Health Science Center’s merger with Texas A&M University and the renaming of the School of Public Health are not the only changes that have taken place in the past few months. As of June 1st, the Center for Community Health Development has undergone its own transformation. The reorganization of the Center has led to new roles for familiar faces and celebrations for those who have taken advantage of new career opportunities.

The role of Director at CCHD has traditionally combined the responsibilities of administration and research. With the departure of Dr. Monica Wendel, former Center Director, who accepted a job at the University of Louisville, CCHD administration chose to separate the Director’s role into two functions with the Center now being led by an Administrative Director and a Research Director. Former Deputy Director, Ms. Angie Alaniz, will take on the responsibility of Administrative Director, and will provide strategic direction and supervision for all Center staff. In conjunction with the Health Promotion and Community Heath Sciences department, the Center is currently searching for a permanent research Director. In the interim, Dr. Kenneth McLeroy continues to serve as Principal Investigator (PI) of the Center and oversees all Center related research.

Additional restructuring has resulted in new responsibilities for remaining CCHD staff. Ms. Whitney Garney will be serving as the Center’s Research and Evaluation Associate. In this role she will manage the development of all research proposals, evaluation activities and data usage and compliance. In line with the Center’s new communication and outreach strategies, Ms. Catherine Catanach has been established as the Outreach Coordinator. The CCHD Spotlight is Ms. Catanach’s initial product of the Center’s new communication plan.

As we move forward, the Center continues to pursue innovative research opportunities that allow us to partner with communities and provide infrastructure support for academic research partners in an effort to improve population health.