Congratulations, Graduates!

The month of May is always bittersweet for CCHD as we bid farewell and wish the best for our graduating students. We are proud to announce that Ms. Audrey Young and Ms. Avery Schulze graduated at the May commencement and will be continuing their careers in public health.

Audrey Young was a graduate research assistant with the Center since March 2014. She graduated from the Texas A&M School of Public Health with her Master of Public Health degree in Health Policy and Management. Looking forward, Audrey will be serving as the Healthcare Policy Analyst for the Department of Policy and External Affairs within the Department of State Health Services.

Avery Schulze was a graduate research assistant working on the Texas Transformation 1115 Medicaid Waiver, whose offices are housed in the CCHD suite. She graduated with a Master of Public Health degree in Health Policy & Management from the Texas A&M School of Public Health. Avery plans to move into an analyst position where she will focus on health insurance eligibility, compliance, and risk management.

Jessica Chang, a graduate assistant who has served as a counselor at the Telehealth Counseling Clinic (TCC) since 2012, will be completing her pre-doctoral internship next year in neuropsychology at the Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Houston. Each year, only one doctoral student is selected for the neuropsychology position from an applicant pool of almost 200 individuals from across the country.  Jessica was instrumental in the launch of and successful daily operations of the TCC’s second remote site located in Madisonville, TX.   During her tenure at TCC, she was actively involved in service delivery, research, and training and created and ran the TCC’s first telehealth group.