The Telehealth Counseling Clinic Celebrates Partnership with Washington County/Faith Mission Health & Service Center

carlyLast week, the Telehealth Counseling Clinic (TCC) hosted an event to celebrate the success of its partnership with the Washington County/Faith Mission Health & Service Center. The collaboration between TCC and the Health & Service Center provides tele-mental health counseling services to Washington County residents.

The event featured a program with key partners expressing their continued support of the collaboration. TCC Executive Director, Dr. Tim Elliott, summarized the history of the clinic and Reverend Randy Wells, Executive Director of Faith Mission, exemplified the success of the clinic’s services by telling the story of a past TCC client who, as a result of the counseling received, was able to move forward into a prosperous career and enjoy life again. A special keynote speech was given by Ms. Melissa Rowan, the Healthcare Policy Director at the Texas Council of Community Centers located in Austin. Ms. Rowan noted that more than half of all Texas psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and social workers provide their services in the metropolitan areas of Texas, which leave rural communities with scarce resources for mental health care. Furthermore, Ms. Rowan highlighted the accomplishments of the telehealth program, stating that “telehealth is bringing specialty care to rural settings where patients would otherwise go without needed treatment.”

BriedenMany Washington County community leaders attended the event including county judge John Brieden, county commissioners Joy Fuchs and Luther Hueske, city of Brenham mayor, Milton Tate, and Brenham city manager, Terry Roberts. During the celebration, Judge Brieden presented TCC and the Health & Service Center with a proclamation, naming October 30th Telehealth Counseling Day in Washington County. “It is a great honor to have a day recognizing the success of the telehealth program in Washington County and an even bigger honor knowing that we have so much support for what we do,” says Clinic Director, Dr. Carly McCord.

Overall, the event provided evidence that the telehealth program was beginning to bridge the gap in mental health services in Washington County. With year one in the books, everyone involved in the partnership is looking forward to many successful years of collaboration.